Most of us are aware of the many ways God blesses us, both physically and spiritually. But God also blesses us in ways that we might not always appreciate: with needs, burdens and with other blessings, but most of all, with His Story. Our current small group series explores the book of Romans.    

For general information, please email the church office, or call (317) 352-9296.






Sunday Afternoon or Evening:      
Tim Fox 887-8420   Friendship Room after worship  
Bill Woehler  670-3511   Friendship room @ 5pm  
Craig Hill   816-0919   Hill's home @ 5:30pm 
Greg York   797-0485   Gardner's home @ 5:30pm  
Jim Brantly   862-4531   Willis' or McDaniel's homes @ 6pm
Brian Potts/Frank Black



Black's or Potts' homes  @ 6pm 
Thursday Evening:    
 Greg Garrison/David McElwain/John Wright




 Church Library @ 7pm
 Clint Davis/Ken Schmid



 Rotating Host sites @ 7pm
Friday Evening:    
 Mike DeCamp   862-9138  DeCamp's or McDougal's @ 7:30pm   
Saturday Evening:         
Steve Faidley  418-0862  Faidley's home @ 6:30pm



Recovery Support Groups:  For current information about DivorceCare, DivorceCare for Kids, or Grief Share groups, click here, or call the church office, 352-9296.