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Sun., Oct. 30th - 9:30 am - Bible Class "The New Atheism and the New Science and God" 
                            10:30 am Sermon - "Why I left Atheism"

 Fri., Nov. 4th - 7:00 pm -"The Cosmos - An Evidence for God's Creation"
                           8:00 pm - break 8:15 pm - "The Source - Design or Chance"
                           9:00 pm - Questions and Answers

 Sat., Nov. 5th - 7:00 pm - "Who Created God and How Are We in His Image"
                            8:00 pm - break 8:15 pm - "How Do We Know the Bible Is God's Word?"
                            9:00 pm - Questions and Answers

 Sun., Nov.6th - 9:30 am - Bible Class - "Why Did God Create Humans and Why Must We Suffer?"
                          10:30 am. Sermon - "What Kind of Faith Do You Have?"

For more information about John Clayton and his work, please click the following link: Does God Exist?



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