Archived Small Group Material

Need some ideas for a study that might be appropriate for your group?   The following "in-house" small group material is grouped either topically or textually (Old, then New Testament).

At the bottom of this page, you'll find a number of online resources which you also might want to consider.

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Seven Habits of Effective Disciples

One:  Master Your Moods
Lesson Two:  Marshal Your Thoughts
Lesson Three:  Maintain Your Focus
Lesson Four:  Measure Your Days
Lesson Five:  Manage Your Time
Lesson Six:  Maximize Your Talents
Lesson Seven:
Make Your Mark

Fear Factor

Lesson One:  Foundation for No-Fear Living
Lesson Two:  Your Future & God's Faithfulness
Lesson Three:  Your Failure & God's Grace
Lesson Four:  Your Inadequacy & God's Power
Lesson Five:  Overcoming the Fear of Commitment

Choose Your Attitude, Change Your Life

Lesson One: Attitude is Everything!
Lesson Two: Choose Faith over Worry
Lesson Three: Choose Gratitude over Grumbling
Lesson Four: Choose Forgiveness over Resentment
Lesson Five: Choose Purpose over Aimlessness
Lesson Six: Choose Confession over Guilt
Lesson Seven: Choose Perseverance over Discouragement
Lesson Eight: Choose Relationships over Isolation

Outward-Focused Living in a Self-Focused World

Series Discussion Material

Exodus Hearts

The Exodus is far more than a single event, but a theme woven throughout Scripture.... Exodus is a story that defines who we are, one that binds us with people past, present, and future who experience the salvation power of God.

Lesson One (Exodus 3 - The Exodus Story) 
Lesson Two (Deuteronomy 26 - Giving as Response to Salvation)
Lesson Three (Joshua 4 - The Uncertainties of Life)
Lesson Four (Micah 6 - The Way to Walk)
Lesson Five (Psalm 78 - Generation to Generation)
Lesson Six (Psalm 114 - Sometimes It Causes Me To Tremble)
Lesson Seven (Isaiah 43 - A New Thing)
Lesson Eight (Isaiah 55 - Departing with Peace & Joy)
Lesson Nine (Hebrews 11 - Exodus Faith)


Most of us are aware of the many ways God blesses us, both physically and spiritually. But God wants to bless you in four areas you might have never considered as blessings before.

The group material in the Blessed series can be used with or without an accompanying DVD.  Please contact the church office if you are interested in using the DVD in your group.

Lesson One:
Blessed With a Need
Lesson Two:  Blessed With a Burden
Lesson Three:  Blessed To Be a Blessing
Lesson Four: Blessed To Share His Story

The Kings of Christmas

Lesson One: The King Who Fought Christmas
Lesson Two: The Kings Who Sought Christmas
Lesson Three: The King Who Brought Christmas

Messages for the New Year

Lesson One: How to be Blessed by God's Word
Lesson Two: God's Investment Strategy
Lesson Three: Stress Management 101
Lesson Four:  Building a Life of Service
Lesson Five:  How to Develop Patience

Jesus' Final Week
The final week in the life of Jesus

Series Synopsis

Saturday: Day of Appreciation
Sunday: Day of Acclaim
Monday: Day of Authority
Tuesday: Day of Argument
Thursday: Day of Action
Friday: Day of Agony
Sunday: Day of Atonement

TEXTUAL:  (Old Testament)

The Story - Overview of the Bible

Resource Material for The Story Series
Reading Schedule & Scripture Index

Rest For The Stressed
Messages From the Twenty-Third Psalm

Lesson One
:  God's Antidote For Worry
Lesson Two:  God's Antidote For Busyness
Lesson Three:  God's Antidote For Damaged Emotions
Lesson Four:  God's Antidote For Indecision 
Lesson Five:  God's Antidote For Dark Valleys 
Lesson Six:  God's Antidote For Your Hurt 
Lesson Seven:  God's Antidote For Fearing the Future

Songs for the Road
Selected Psalms of Ascent

Lesson One:  A Song of Repentance
Lesson Two:  A Song of Protection
Lesson Three:
  A Song of Joy
Lesson Four:  A Song of Perseverance
Lesson Five:  A Song of Forgiveness
Lesson Six:  A Song of Rest
Lesson Seven:
  A Song of Unity
Lesson Eight:  A Song of Praise

Pursuing God's Own Heart
Lessons from the Life of David

Lessson One - The Heart of the Matter
Lesson Two - Facing Your Giants
Lesson Three - Raging Sauls
Lesson Four - Desperate Days
Lesson Five - Mercy Matters
Lesson Six - God's Gracious Anger
Lesson Seven - Colossal Collapse

Serving God With Determined Faith
Lessons from the Book of Nehemiah

Lesson One: Mourn Over Spiritual Needs
Lesson Two: Look To God
Lesson Three: Take a Step of Faith
Lesson Four: Persevere Through Opposition
Lesson Five: Stay Focused on God's Work
Lesson Six: Renew Your Worship
Lesson Seven: Recommit to a Gracious God
Lesson Eight: Willingly Determine to Serve

Journey Toward God
The Message of Jonah

Lesson One:  Rejecting God's Call
Lesson Two:  Experiencing God's Salvation
Lesson Three Delivering God's Message
Lesson Four:  Developing a Heart Like God's

TEXTUAL:  (New Testament)

Jesus has a certain way of turning conventional wisdom on its head, especially when it comes to the way we think and live. Philippians 2 paints a compelling picture of what it means to live collectively--as a community of faith. Imagine the impact of like-minded Christ-followers in a fractured world... Choose to live as a contributor and not merely as a consumer... Work Out God's purposes for your life... Reflect a contagious way of approaching life... Care deeply for what matters to God.

Lesson One:  Imagine   
Lesson Two:  Choose

Lesson Three: Work Out 
Lesson Four: Reflect
Lesson Five: 

Living Out Christ in Five Relationships of Life (Romans 12)


How To Live Through A Bad Day
Seven insights from Christ's Words on the Cross

Lesson One: Forgive Everyone Who's Trying To Ruin Your Life
Lesson Two: Help Others Experiencing Your Same Struggle
Lesson Three: Be Sure You've Taken Care of Those Near You
Lesson Four: Aim Your Hard Questions at God, Not Man
Lesson Five: Be Honest Enough to Acknowledge Your Need
Lesson Six: Be Assured, There Is a Purpose and an End
Lesson Seven: Finally Surrender Your Day to God, and Let it Go

Building Better Relationships
Five principles for deepening relationships

Romans 12 - Various Translations of Romans 12:14-21
Lesson One: Take the Offensive
Lesson Two: Manage Your Mouth
Lesson Three: Trade Places
Lesson Four: Always Say Never
Lesson Five: Do What Love Would Do

Contagious Christianity
Studies from 1 Thessalonians

Lesson One: Cheering the Chosen
Lesson Two:  Becoming a Contagious Christian
Lesson Three:  Marking Lives
Lesson Four:  Settle Your Trials
Lesson Five:  Be Sure to be Pure
Lesson Six:  Life Beyond Grief
Lesson Seven:  A Rude Awakening
Lesson Eight:  Gifts that Keep on Giving

Hear God's Word
Parable of the Sower & Soils

Lesson One:  Hear God's Word
Lesson Two:  Retain God's Word
Lesson Three:  Persevere With God's Word
Lesson Four: Grow From God's Word

The Disciple's Prayer
A Series on the Lord's Prayer

Lesson One:  Pray Right, Live Right
Lesson Two:  A Name Worth Remembering
Lesson Three:  Praying For Reign
Lesson Four:  Our Daily Bread
Lesson Five:  Canceled Debts
Lesson Six:  Battle Against My Will

Jesus Our Joy
The Message of the Book of Philippians

Lesson One:  Our Partnership in the Lord
Lesson Two:  From Trials to Triumph
Lesson Three:  Have the Same Love
Lesson Four:  No One Else Like Him
Lesson Five:  A Vote of No Confidence
Lesson Six:  Pressing On Toward the Goal
Lesson Seven:  Rejoice Always
Lesson Eight:  The Secret of My Success
Lesson Nine:  My God Will Meet Your Needs

Walking With Jesus
Study questions for working through the Gospel of Mark with an outsider. 

Part One (Mark 1-8)


Leadership Toolbox
Use this link to access Southeastern's small group and coaching tools.

Discipleship Journal Archive 
Use this link to search for articles to suppliment your discussion. Many of the articles also have observation and application questions included.

Indeed Magazine Study Guide
A monthly personal and small group study guide published by Walk Thru the Bible Ministries.

Index: Topical & Textual Study Material
A listing of published small group material available at your local Christian bookstore. If you're looking for ideas, this is a good site to browse.

Source Bible Studies
Free downloadable Bible studies (usually 6 lessons in each study) are available through Northpoint Ministries, and intended for use within small groups only. Click the following links to access each each study:

Abraham (Genesis 12-24)
James (5 weeks)
Mission (Acts 13-28)