Leadership Toolbox

1. Evangelism Resources:

Equpping Material for Sharing Your Faith

Show & Tell - Growth Guide
             (avaible for download or hardcopy in church library)
           Living the Mission - Weekly Devotional
           Invest & Invite - Weekly Devotional
           Life Overflowing Questions

      Texual Study Material

           Romans - In the Grip of God's Grace
Lesson One - The Relentless Lover (1:1-5)
Lesson Two - God's Gracious Anger (1:18-20)
Lesson Three - Here Comes the Judge (2:1-4)
Lesson Four -  Empty Religion (3:1-4, 9)
Lesson Five - Cross Words (3:21-26)
Lesson Six - Relaxed Abandonment (4:4-5, 16-25)
Lesson Seven - Grace Abounding (5:12-19)
Lesson Eight - Dying to Live (6:1-14)
                Lesson Nine - Civil War (7:7-25)
                Lesson Ten - God Is For You! (8:28-29)         
           Gospel of Mark  
                Walk this Way (part 1, chapters 1-8)

      Topical Study Material

           Life Lessons - Oak Hills Church Material
Lesson One - The Bible
                Lesson Two - The Prodigal Son
                Lesson Three - Sin
                Lesson Four - The Bridge
                Lesson Five - The Gospel is Good News
                Lesson Six - The Kingdom of God
                Lesson Seven - The Church
                Lesson Eight - Counting the Cost

                Baptism in the New Testament
                Have the Baptized Realized? - Weekly Devotional

            A Solid Foundation - Growth Guide for New Christians
                      (Avaiable in church library. Download version has no 
                       cover & formated to print double sided as a booklet)

       Video Studies

                 Starting Point: Find Your Place in the Story*

                 H2O - Kyle Idleman*   Sample the Material Online

                 The Story
(in church library)
*contact church office for secure checkout only

2. Small Group Resources:

Much of the material posted below is from a Shepherding Notebook which was published years ago. If you would like to contact me in order to comment or ask any questions about this material, click here >>  

    Group Mechanics
            The Crucial Place for God's Word
            Group Meeting Format
            Group Member Evaluation

    Group Resources
            Group Openers
            Prayer Ideas
            One Another Passages

    Leadership Reading
            SGL-Ministry Manual
            The Task of Leadership
            Leader Growth Plan
            The Blessings of Mental Anguish
            November 2010 Resources

            Coaching Explanation
            Weekly Questions for Leaders
            Group Leader Evaluation 
            Group Leader Processing Questions
            Evaluating Your Ministry

2. Ministry Leader Resources:

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            Build Your Team (Leaders' Meeting, November 2011)

            SE Vision Resources